We are a custom built state-of-the-art Pro-Tools based recording studio located in the heart of Times Square, NYC. We are extremely dedicated to providing you with the most professional service, highest quality & complete over-all satisfaction when it comes to all of your musical & audio needs. As one of NYC's elite recording studios, we will continue our legacy by bringing many new Legends to the world.
Our spacious facility is equipped a flat screen cable T.V., large couches, a kitchenette, wireless internet service and plenty of room for your entourage. Play Station 3 and Xbox 360 are also available upon request.
A small one room 8-track recording facility opened up in a less than perfect Times Square, in order to facilitate the emerging new wave and hip-hop scenes in New York. The studio grew at an astounding rate as hip hop became a frontline genre in New York and the world. Over time the studio became home to some of the biggest and most recognizable names in music. After almost 25 years of hit making, sadly the studio shut down and this sacred spot was destined to pass into history forever.
Coming attraction for lexz pryde video documentary.

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